Our clients

Red Sea Farms

Unlocking the Potential of Agriculture in Harsh Environments

Red Sea Farms is reducing the carbon and water footprint of our food sector by designing, developing and delivering sustainable agriculture technologies for harsh environments.


Oceans of Energy BV

Leaders in the development of marine based floating PV solutions. The Oceans of Energy Offshore Solar Farm System is developed for offshore, high wave application with 25 years operation in the salty water and minimum and safe maintenance. This is challenging – but made possible by unique solutions. The modular system is capable of withstanding rough sea conditions (up to 13 meter high waves). Only a system capable of surviving these conditions allows clean energy generation in coastal regions and islands without using land space.


Allseas Engineering BV

July 8 2019

Allseas targets renewables with acquisition of OTEC specialist Bluerise.


Bluerise has been researching and developing OTEC technology for 9 years, designing systems that utilise the natural temperature difference in the ocean between cold deep water (5°C) and warm surface water (25°C) to generate clean electricity.

Allseas will use its offshore expertise and record of deep-water technologies to advance Bluerise concepts and accelerate the implementation of OTEC technology for renewable energy projects.


Caribbean Waste Collective

The Caribbean Waste Collective is a group of companies, initiatives and individuals who collect, recycle and work with waste or support waste recycling. We work together to grow, share knowledge and become an economic sector on Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. We create a network of waste initiatives that need each other to become an economic pillar on the ABC islands.

The world is changing. Traditional sources are running out and new sources need to be developed. Waste is a big issue on all Caribbean islands. By linking initiatives and changing the mindset of our inhabitants we are turning waste into value. The Caribbean Waste Collective was founded and supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.